Sunday, September 6, 2009

cottonreels daddy in the future

As i looked at the picture of cottonreels dad i first thought it was i picture of her grandson russell it wasn't until i read the story i realised it wasn't him, with great amusment everyone has seen the photo, russell was quite spooked at the resemblance, thought he was looking at himself so i made him pose so you all could see for yourselves.


  1. Gosh Alison, that is spooky, they are so alike has Kathleen seen this yet.

    Love Gill

  2. hi Gill, dont know if kathleens seen it yet, russell has taken a photo of it with his phone it cant believe the likeness himself, hope your well Alison xx

  3. I always knew Peter bore a strong resemblence but although Russell ,Andrew and Aaron are the spitting image of David I didn,t see the features back to my dad ,but now!! Thanks for showing. Kathleen ( cottonreel)