Monday, September 7, 2009


Holidays over and back to work, lucky i have the same route, bus 20 mins late today, so quick ring round to parents, only 6 autisic boys to pick up this week, they were all happy to see us again, their only worry this morning was, who was the driver, it was a new man driving the mini bus, once we had told them his name and that he was good at driving the bus they settled, lets hope he stays as the children dont like change very much, just had call form other escort and she might be doing another route so this means i will be doing it alone or hopfully get someone else to help, we have 3 boys that can be quite challenging at times, we are used to being swore at and slapped or kicked on the odd occasion, they are all great kids and i enjoy going to work.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

cottonreels daddy in the future

As i looked at the picture of cottonreels dad i first thought it was i picture of her grandson russell it wasn't until i read the story i realised it wasn't him, with great amusment everyone has seen the photo, russell was quite spooked at the resemblance, thought he was looking at himself so i made him pose so you all could see for yourselves.